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    Featured Programs

    Cloverbud Activities 2019-2020

    The Explore 4-H Cloverbud Activities are for 5-7 year old youth (as of September 1, 2019). To view the 2019-2020 Cloverbud Activity flyer click here.

    September 17, 2019: End of Summer Bash (This is a previously scheduled activity from the 2018-2019 4-H Year. 


    • October 15 - Tye Dye Fun
    • November 19 - Build-A-Boat
    • December 17 - Yarn Creations
    • January 21 - Cooking Up Fun
    • February 18 - STEM Activity
    • March 17 - Outdoor Fitness
    • April 21 - Livin' with Livestock
    • May 19 - Horsin' Around
    • June 16 - Growing Gnomes
    • July 21 - Rockets-Blast Off!!
    • August - No Activity

    So there are plenty of supplies, Please RSVP at least one week in advance of each monthly activity by calling the 4-H office at 801-399-8202.


    Horse Program

    The 4-H Horse Program is designed for youth who are interested in horses and horse events. This program is designed to provide experiences to help them develop leadership, citizenship, self esteem, social skills and to become contributing members of society, as well as becoming better horse men and women.


    The 4-H Horse Program is for youth age 8 and up (as of September 1, 2019). Because of safety concerns, the Horse Program does not allow Cloverbud enrollment (ages 5-7). Enthusiastic 4-H volunteers with expertise and interest in horses and working with youth help deliver and manage the program and its objectives.


    To participate in the riding and showing portion of the 4-H Horse Program, members need to own or have access to their own horse. Weber County 4-H also offers a wide variety of activities and contests that are great for both youth who own horses and for those who love learning about horses, but don't have a horse of their own. 


    Jr. Livestock Program

    The Weber County Junior Livestock program is designed for youth who are interested in livestock and livestock events. The focus is to provide experiences that help these youth develop leadership, citizenship, self esteem, social skills and to become contributing members of society, as well as becoming better livestock men and women.

    The Junior Livestock program is for youth age 8 and up (as of September 1, 2019). In order to provide for the safety and best interests of the participants, Cloverbud enrollment (age 5-7) are not eligible to participate in the Jr. Livestock Program. Enthusiastic 4-H volunteers with expertise and interests in livestock and working with youth help to deliver and manage the program and its objectives.

    The Junior Livestock program includes activities for those youth who own/have access to livestock and those who do not, but still want to learn about the science of livestock selection, care, and management. Activities can include everything from educational and fun club meetings, livestock shows and the Weber County Fair, service projects, judging contests, and leadership opportunities. Club members hold club offices, give public speeches and demonstrations, do service projects, and spend time with friends.


    Robotics Program


    The 4-H robotics program helps children develop technology, problem-solving, and teamwork skills as they build and program Lego WeDo and Lego EV3 robots. Youth can explore robotics as 4-H club members (must live in Weber County). Most robotics clubs meet once a month from October - April. The following four clubs will be available for the 2019-2020 4-H year. All youth must be enrolled in 4-H to participate. Space is limited in the robotics clubs, so please contact the 4-H office at 801-399-8202 for more information about joining a club.


    • 1st Wednesday of the Month Lego WeDo Club (October-April)
      • 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. for youth in Kindergarten - 2nd grades
    • 2nd Tuesday of the Month Lego EV3 Robotics Club (October-April)
      • 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., for youth in 3rd -12th grades
    • 2nd Thursday of the Month Lego EV3 Robotics Club (October-April)
      • 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for youth in 3rd - 6th grades
    • 2nd Friday of the Month Lego EV3 Robotics Club (October-April)
      • 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. for youth in 3rd - 6th grades 

    Robotics Challenge Nights and Showcase Night: In addition to robotics club meetings, Weber County 4-H offers Robotics Challenge Nights and a Showcase Night to provide 4-H club members with an opportunity to meet other county youth and showcase their robotics skills.

    The Challenge Nights and Showcase Night schedule for the 2019-2020 4-H year is:  TBD


    Weber County Fair:  In addition to club meetings and Challenge Nights, robotics club members can enter exhibits in the fair. Youth can select the classes in which they want to enter, however the most relevant classes for the robotics project include Class HCB - Robotics

    • Lot 1:  Programmed robot constructed from Lego's or other building systems
    • Lot 2:  Poster or other display item explaining gear ratios
    • Lot 3:  Diagram or screen shot of programs written for robots using Lego MindStorm or other software
    • Lot 4:  Photo or video collection of robots build highlighting and/or comparing features of each
    • Lot 5:  Other item related to robotics not listed above.


    4-H Aggie Adventure Camps: Robotics themed Aggie Adventure Camps are held during the summer. The camp schedule is announced in April each year. Robotics-themed camps are among the first camps to fill up, so interested parents are encouraged to register quickly.   

    Small Animals Program

    Youth can explore many small animal projects in 4-H. These projects provide youth with an opportunity to learn about feeding, caring and showing an animal and are especially great for children who may not have the land needed for larger livestock projects. As with all 4-H projects, the focus is to provide experiences that help these youth develop leadership, citizenship, self esteem, social skills and to become contributing members of society.

    Children can enroll in 4-H when they are in Kindergarten and at least five years old. These younger members are called "Cloverbuds." Because of their age, they are restricted from participating in competitive 4-H events and cannot participate in livestock or horse projects. Once youth are in 3rd grade and eight years old, they can participate in competitive 4-H events and participate in large animal projects.

    Children explore projects as members of 4-H clubs, which are led by parents or community volunteers. A typical club meets once a month for at least six months. Parents can organize a club with five or more members. Clubs can explore many topics during the year, or choose to focus on just one topic.

    Shooting Sports

    Membership in Weber County's 4-H Shooting Sports program is open to youth in 6th - 12th grades who have completed Hunter Education. Club membership is limited to a maximum of five members per club leader.

    The county membership fee is $20. In addition, individual 4-H clubs may charge dues to cover range fees, supplies, etc.

    Youth must provide their own equipment, ammunition and safety equipment.

    The 4-H shooting sports program includes archery, .22 rifle, shotgun, outdoor skills and a written test.

    Click here for a copy of the Weber County 4-H Shooting Sports by-laws, which outlines the rules, eligibility, safety guidelines and contest details.


    Come join in the fun with 4-H STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Workshops! Workshops held at the USU extension office are open to youth age 8 and up (as of September 1, 2019) and workshops held at library locations are open to children age 5 and up. To view workshops flyer, please click the link below. 

    2020 Library Workshops

    Discover 4-H Clever Clovers Community Club Activities: This club is for youth age 8 and up (as of September 1, 2019).  The Clever Clovers club will explore a variety of 4-H project areas and is held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at the 4-H office (October-July). The cost is only $20 to enroll and participate in all club activities for the entire 4-H year! Please call the 4-H Office at 801-399-8202 for more information.