Become a Club Leader


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    Become a Club Leader

    Becoming a 4-H club leader is an immensely rewarding volunteer experience. Children need caring, supportive adults in their lives. We invite you to be that special adult for your club members.

    The three simple steps to become a club leader are:

    1.  Contact the 4-H Office at 801-399-8202 (Contacting the 4-H Office first allows us to be prepared for when your 4-H       Online enrollment is submitted, and to set up a club in 4-H Online for you.)

    2.  Complete 4-H Online enrollment & Leader Application.

    3.  Attend a 4-H Leader Orientation with our 4-H Educator.

    Once you have successfully completed the background screening process and attended New 4-H Club Leader Orientation, you are an official 4-H club leader and can begin your service.