Tagging Animals

Tagging for the Weber County Fair:

All swine, beef and sheep must be tagged to exhibit in the Weber County Fair. During tagging, a numbered ear tag is put in the animal's ear to prove the exhibit has owned the animal the minimal period required for the show (90 days prior for beef and 60 days prior for swine and sheep).  The tagging dates are: 
  • Steers, Bucket Calves & Hogs: Anderson Livestock Auction
    • Wednesday, April 30 (5-7 p.m.)
    • Saturday, May 3 (8-10 a.m.)
  • Sheep & Hogs: Weber County Fairgrounds
    • Wednesday, May 28 (5-7 p.m.)
    • Saturday, May 31 (8-10 a.m.)

Tagging for State Junior Livestock Shows:
To be eligible to show a 4-H project animal at any of the state Junior Livestock Shows, or to show at the Utah State Fair, your animal must be tagged with a state tag.
  • The tagging deadline for state shows differs from the Weber County Fair deadline.  To be eligible to exhibit a project animal at a Utah State Junior Livestock show or the Utah State Fair show, the minimum tagging deadline is: 
    • beef (100 days)
    • swine and sheep (60 days)
  • All animals should be tagged on the Weber County tagging dates in (typically held in May & June). However, if you plan to participate in the Morgan, Spanish Fork, Delta or Vernal Shows (which have an earlier tagging deadline), you will need to have your animal tagged before the regular county tagging.  Contact the 4-H office well in advance of the deadline to schedule a tagging date.
  • Utah rules state, EXHIBITORS MAY TAG ONE EXTRA ANIMAL PER SPECIES FOR EACH SHOW PERIOD. At tagging you will declare which state show the animal is being tagged for.