Joining A Horse Club

    Weber County has many outstanding 4-H horse clubs, which are led by knowledgeable and dedicated 4-H club leaders. Clubs generally meet once a month during the winter for service projects, awards, demonstrations, social activities, etc., then meet weekly from April through September (as weather allows) to practice horsemanship and riding skills. Contact the 4-H office at 399-8202 to find a club that meets your needs. Keep in mind, before riding with any 4-H horse club, youth must complete a 4-H enrollment.


    Enrollment steps include:

    1. The 4-H year starts October 1 and ends September 30 of each year. The deadline to enroll in 4-H is June 1 of each 4-H year.
    2. Log into 4-H Online and complete a 4-H online enrollment (instructions can be found here). *You will need to know the name of the 4-H club you're joining.
    3. The 4-H enrollment fee for the horse project is $20. The fee can be paid in 4-H Online using a credit card. A short instruction video for 4-H Online payments can be viewed here. 4-H clubs may also have club dues.
    4. Additionally, members must register their project horse(s) by June 1 to compete in 4-H Horse Shows.