4-H Contests

    4-H Contests

    Weber County 4-H offers many different contests each year. To participate in 4-H Contests all youth must be currently enrolled in 4-H. Each event will require pre-registration a week prior to the contest. Our 4-H staff tries to conduct the county contest as similar to the state contest as possible, utilizing the same rules, time allowances and judge’s sheets. However, limitations in facilities, scheduling, etc. may require some modifications to the contest at the county level.

    County Level Contests:

    For each county contest, click on the contest link above for specific contest details. It will explain how the event will be conducted at the county level, provide judging sheets, etc.
    • Each county contestant will earn blue, red or white ribbons based upon Danish system judging.
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be selected in each grade division.

    State Level Contests:

    State guidelines may vary from the way the contest will be conducted at the county level. Only 4-H members in 9th-12th grade who qualify in the county contest are eligible to participate in state competition. As you prepare for state competition, refer to the state contest guidelines to get specific contest details.

    National Level Contests:

    For many of the state contest categories, there is national level competition at the Western National Roundup, held in Denver in January each year. The following contests have national level opportunities: horse judging, horse bowl, livestock judging, livestock bowl, Family & Consumer Science Demo, 4-H public speaking, impromptu public speaking, consumer bowl, and fashion review. As you prepare for national competition, refer to the Western National Roundup site to get specific contest details. Our state events may have slightly different guidelines.


    4-H Horse Tests

    Before the start of a 4-H horse show, members participate in a written test. The questions for the test come from specified chapters from these 4-H horse reference manuals:

    • Grades 3-5: Horse & Horsemanship and Utah 4-H Horse Program Rulebook
    • Grades 6-12: Horse & Horsemanship, Horse Science, and Utah 4-H Horse Program Rulebook.

    Although youth participating in the show are required to complete a test, 4-H’ers who are not riding in the county show are also allowed to take the test. To be eligible to participate in the testing program, youth must be properly dressed (see Weber County 4-H Horse Council By-laws) and take the test at the same time as a youth riding in the show. The testing schedule each year is as follows:

    Horse Test Schedule

    Each member’s top three test scores are added to determine their total points. Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the members with the highest scores in each grade division, along with an additional award for first place.