4-H Portfolios


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    4-H Portfolios

    A 4-H portfolio is an organized summary of a member's complete experience in the 4-H program. It includes records on each project, activities, leadership, and community service. The portfolio includes a story and photo section that helps showcase these experiences.

    A portfolio is a very important part of 4-H involvement. Not only is it submitted annually and evaluated for county awards, but it is also a major tool utilized for 4-H scholarships and to select delegates for national trips.

    Due Dates

    Portfolios for all project areas are due for county competition by October 1 each year. Youth in 9th-12th grades will turn in their "up to date" portfolio by February 1 for state competition.

    Basic Guidelines

    Members must use standardized portfolio forms; no other items should be included. A portfolio is not a scrapbook.

    Documents should be placed in a 1" clear view, white, 3-ringed binder.

    Each section should be divided with a Kelly green 4-H divider sheet.

    Members may print their own or purchase pre-printed divider pages from the 4-H office. One set is $2.

    Standardized Forms

    Members can download the standardized forms below.

    Portfolio Dividers

    Portfolio Forms

    Templates for Section 1 Project Reports

    In Section 1, members may create the table of their choice that best summarizes the size and scope of their 4-H project. Or, 4-H members are able to view templates for various projects on the State 4-H website (Word or PDF).