4-H Livestock Tests


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    4-H Livestock Tests


    Weber County 4-H members in grades 3-12 can compete in the Livestock Scholars Testing Program from October - July. To participate, youth can visit the 4-H office to take the monthly test from the 5th through the end of the month. Testing hours are 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Once the month ends, members cannot take a previous month's test.

    • Awards are given for each species in each grade division.   
    • Each month tests are prepared for all four species: beef, sheep, swine, and goats.
    • Youth can select the test for the species they are studying. They do not have to be raising that species to participate in the test.
    • The tests are a combination of true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
    • All the questions for the test come from the Ohio State University Resource manuals, which are available for purchase from the 4-H office.


    Test Schedule


    Livestock Testing - Ways to Earn Points Total Points Possible
    Monthly Tests: Each monthly test will be worth up to 10 points. 100
    Bonus Points: Youth will earn 10 bonus points for every monthly test they take. There will be 10 monthly livestock tests offered (October - July). 100
    Total Possible Points 200
     Jr. Livestock Tests Schedule
    Note: Members will not be able to win 1st place in more than one species each year. Should a child win in more than one species, he or she will have an opportunity to choose which species he wants to be declared a winner for and the next highest score in the other species will win the 1st place prize.